About Us

We believe we are a one stop shop for small businesses. To achieve this goal, we have been building very fairly priced websites for small businesses starting at $299.  We also provide hosting and domain name registration at an extra, but affordable rate. Please contact us for a specific quote.​​ Now our clients cna build thier oen websites and get trainign and support they need 24/7. Visit out website page to learn more. 
We are business owners like you, we are friendly, approachable and easy to understand…as if you were talking to your customers. But we value working with clients who are motivated and eager to do well in their businesses. Our response times are quick and fast, we prefer to work with clients who provide us with the information we need quickly and fast to be able to finalize with the project on time.



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Lucy is the force behind all the projects that we have launched over the last 6 years. Lucy has been in business for over 25 years and has experience in owning and operating several businesses including a retail store in Canada where she owned a Spa. She is also a former high school teacher, a former senior manager in the banking sector where she worked for a combined 16 years specialising in Credit and Debit Card Divisions, a former Independent Associate at Director level with a North American Legal services company and a former Independent beauty consultant with a Network Marketing Company.  Lucy has operated businesses in Canada and internationally with high energy and determination to do well. She trains business owners to do the same. She believes in empowering others to excel in their businesses. Connect with Lucy on Social Media, she is extremely active there, you can't miss her.